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Dromont has achieved its pioneering reputation by expanding the limits of ideas in over 1,000 customized projects




Dromont has now been producing systems for factory and industrial applications for almost three decades with 1000 factory inplant (in-batch and in-can and in-drum) and lab installations world-wide.

These state-of-the-art systems combine dispensing, mixing, and handling needs as well as integrated software and hardware designs to accomplish a complete turn-key project.

Resulting from its large dispensing experience, in 1999 Dromont diversified its activities and launched the Retail Dispensing line. Since then, over ten POS dispenser models have been developed, from 12 to 48 components including external tanks.

Dromont has achieved its pioneering reputation by expanding the limits of ideas. This has been accomplished from the very beginning in aspects such as valve design, head movement and piston pump reliability.

Today Dromont holds several international patents covering the key aspects of our machines and our components. The multiple stage O-Ring free dispensing valve allows customers to achieve high accuracy, reliable dispensing very rapidly.

The design of the heads and the movement of the valves ensures consistent and trouble free functioning as well as efficient utilization of space

Dromont has taken its factory dispensing experience and applied it to the retail market solving the problems commonly associated with today's machines. Dromont's high quality machines provide the ability to dispense even very difficult colorants and bases; this was achieved developing an innovative simultaneous piston pump dispensing system.

The pumps are designed to withstand the harshest and most abrasive colorants and still perform without re-calibration, ensuring our

customers uninterrupted production. In addition, we provide both simultaneous volumetric and gravimetric dispensing, into small cans up to large pails, and user friendly Windows based software. Our complete range of dispensers covers all the needs of our customers in terms of flexibility and productivity.

Our dispensers can be equipped with up to 48 circuits connected to both internal canisters (from 3 to 25 liters capacity) or external tanks (from 50 to 1000 liters capacity).




These machines have been designed with the safety of the operators in mind by making them ergonomically easy to use.

The ergonomic design of the machine incorporates the lowest refilling point of the canisters in the market, correct location on the rollover conveyor to allow for easy handling of full containers from dispensing to shaking.

These features, combined with an external dispensing point, combination of bases and colorants dispensing on one head, and easy access to all the parts make this machine one of the safest and easiest to be used in the marketplace.

Dromont's in house software department consists of internal programming engineers working on updating our software platform to the latest innovations as well as integrating our machines into the customer's Enterprise Resource Planning.

This department is capable of customizing the interface software to the customer's exact needs, testing the software prior to installation, and programming the software to communicate with the customer's systems.

Dromont's customer feels secure anywhere in the world.

Dromont offers world-wide service to its customers. By providing modem tele-assistance, on-site service and preventative maintenance packages, our customer feels secure anywhere in the world according to his needs. Extended warranty possibilities are also available in flexible options, based on the machine and its usage. Tele-assistance provides the customer with instant support for the machine via modem.

Dromont can assist the customer with any type of software, mechanical, or training problem. This service is provided in 30 minutes or less with over 97% rate of problem solving using this method.

The preventative maintenance package gives the customer complete security in the operation of the machine. Dromont provides regular on-site inspections during which time all aspects of the machine are checked and evaluated