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Dromont is a company of people. While we produce machines and systems, solutions and possibilities, what really makes us successful is our philosophy of personal committment. This is about understanding intimately our customers' exact needs and desires. It is also about forming partnerships that are mutually beneficial for our customers and for us.

Excellence is at the core of everything we do at Dromont.

Our firm values are:

1. Working with our customers as a trusted partner to build close relationships based on detailed knowledge and understanding.

2. Taking pride in the technical flexibility of our science-based organisation, to provide leading-edge solutions.

We are a customer-focused company which strives to ensure we understand what is required of us and how best we can meet and exceed expectations. We are firmly committed to our corporate responsibility which encompasses sustainable, procurement, business ethics, and cultivating a culture of safety and community development.

We continue to invest in our HR and are committed to excellence through innovation. Thanks to its several patents, Dromont has a strong edge and leading international market position in manufacturing turn-key plants and store machines, based on custom engineering, continuos R&D process, attractive design and ergonomics.

Every action will be more and more based on adding value to our Customer's business and mitigating waste and cleaning operations for a better environment.