Simultaneous dispensing: all the colorants dispensed at the same time.
Stainless steel piston pump (120ml/stroke) easy to be replaced by non-expert operator).
Canisters made of POM polymer material (**) Stainless steel optional.
Each canister has an independent motorized agitator.
Stirring and re-circulation programmable cycles.
Each circuit is fully recirculated through the valve back to the canister to avoid sedimentation.
Automatic closure of the nozzle head with humidifying sponge to avoid drying-out.
Minicomputer with front panel: it allows the use of the equipment also when the PC is not working.
Flow rate (per circuit): 0.5 Lt./min. (*)
Accuracy: +/- 1% - min. 1/768 fl. oz. (*)
Ergonomic: frontal protruding dispensing point and low refilling height.
Electric can table, with safety photocell for automatic detection of the can.
Side trays/roller conveyors for comfortable loading and unloading of the pails.
Dispensing head max diameter: 40 mm.
Electric central shelf, with safety photocell for automatic detection of the can.

(*) depending on colorant rheology
(**) please verify compatibility with POM (IUPITAL F25-03) material and your colorants


Stainless steel Piston pumps: Do not alter chemical-mechanical characteristics of the colorants (differently from gear pumps).
Pump can be easily replaced by Customer in 77” only.
Do not need re-calibrations after replacement: plug and go!
Have reliable performance also with “difficult” colorants.
Have much lower wear than gear pumps and do not alter colorant rheology.

Thanks to the complete recirculation, from the canister through the valve and back to the canister, the colorants are always homogenized

High effective stirrers (able to scrape the sides and the bottom of the canisters) avoid sedimentation

All the electric boards are protected (with a plastic sealed panel) from splashes of colorants

Excellent ergonomics : height of 1.200 mm, easy to refill and to check at a glance: re-filling is no more an uncomfortable activity

Easy access to the autocap for maintenance and nozzles check

Easy maintenance : all the side panels can be quickly removed (two screws only!) for a smooth access to every part of the machine

In case of multiple purchases, the colorants parameters can be set on the first dispenser and then copied onto all following dispensers, prior to shipping

Software interface available for all Spectrophotometers.


Simultaneous dispensing 0.3 l/min.
Precision 1/768 fl . oz.


Small footprint


Frontal dispensing point


Brilliant dispensing time and accuracy, low cost of ownership 50% below of competition


Compacta 16 1190x980x1145h
Compacta 32 1190x980x1145h
VOC free compliant autocap. Stainless steel piston pump

Prima 12 12 1000 790 1200 9x6 lt and 3x10 lt
Prima 16 16 1180 790 1200 12x6 lt and 4x10 lt
Prima 18 18 1670 790 1200 6x6 lt and 6x10 lt and 6x15
Prima 24 24 1670 790 1200 18x6 lt and 6x10 lt
Prima 32 32 1970 790 1200 24x6 lt and 8x10 lt


Prima can also be equipped with external tanks (in addition to the internal canisters).
Prima ET (with External Tanks) allows the dispensing of Bases and Colorants in one operation (no pre-filled cans).
Prima ET avoids having big shelves with pre-filled cans; just a few drums connected to the dispenser will allow the dispensing of the bases directly into the pails.
High productivity, flexibility and accuracy can be achieved by combining:
Dispensing by weight from the external tanks.
Dispensing by volume from the internal circuits.
The external module for the bases can be equipped with:
Stainless steel tanks of various capacities (25 l to 1000 l) and related lids and inspection grid with connections for the piping.
Stainless steel piping for delivery and recirculation.
Agitators to avoid sedimentation inside the storage tanks.
Diaphragm pneumatic pumps.
Dromont ½” valves for dispensing.
Refilling of the storage tanks is carried out very easily using the same pump used for dispensing (no more manual refilling with physical efforts).
Sequential gravimetric dispensing with a scale.
Max number of external circuits: 32.
Dispensing head max diameter: 65 mm.