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With over 150 components, Dromont completed the world’s largest automated dispensing plant for Wood Coatings Process in Highpoint, North Carolina.

4.0 Manufacturing

Dromont sets the standards for the Next Generation Paint Factory


Mach3 Simultaneous High Speed Tinting at your Stores (Recalibration-free)

Speed and color repeatability at any store anywhere


Digital predictivity & IoT

Dromont launches its digital software enabling machine self-optimization


Selecta + Micro Combined Dispensing reduces time-to-market to few hours

Reduces time-to-market to a few hours by achieving Right First Time (RFT) goal by 0.01 gram accuracy and repeatability. Linear scalability from sample pot to any batch size

MICRO has been designed by taking a complete factory machine and scaling it down to laboratory size. Micro represents Dromont’s perfection in miniaturizing its well known patented 3-way valves at this dispenser includes the exact same valve and software technology as the factory system with the highest accuracy guaranteed in the market of 0.01 grams. Its special patented design allows for central dispending of all components, guaranteeing the unique flexibility to allow dosing to occur into small cups of 100 grams up to 5 liter cans.

Available in four models: 32, 64, 80 and 160 valves Dromont patented three-way dosing valve allows a total recirculation from and back to the storage containers. The recirculation phase is managed by the software. A central actuator which allows the opening of the dosing valves on different positions of flow rates including drops – PROPORTIONAL OPENING AND SETTING FOR EACH VALVE Micro system is characterized by the horizontal movement of the valves into a central dispensing point which prevent from splashes and dirtiness.


The combined technology is the perfect answer for the preparation of custom colours and following automatic production of the batch. Both machines are connected to the same raw material storage tanks.

Thanks to the high precision Lab dispenser, we can prepare and match custom colours very rapidly into 100 g pots and then send the validated formulations to the production dispenser.


Increased shear rate through minimization of the dispersing chamber. High volume production plant in only 25 sqm area. Energy saving process: 50 kw gives you from 6 t to 10 t of paints and plaster per hours. Cleaning water consumption is highly reduced thanks to a smaller “dispersing chamber”, 200 litres and few minutes only to clean the whole system. Dromont’s “Clean & Lean” technology combines full automation with environmental concept.

4.0 Manufacturing

Dromont pioneers in 4.0 paint smart factories. Our technologies set a new market standard for a total robotic processing and automation.

Our 4 principles:

Interconnection: The ability of machines, devices, sensors, and people to connect and communicate with each other via the Internet of Things (IoT)

Information transparency: provides operators with vast amounts of useful information needed to make appropriate decisions.

Technical assistance: The ability of assistance systems to support humans by aggregating and visualizing information comprehensively for making informed decisions and solving urgent problems on short notice.

Decentralized decisions: The ability of cyber physical systems to make decisions on their own and to perform their tasks as autonomously as possible. Only in the case of exceptions, interferences, or conflicting goals, are tasks delegated to a higher level.



  • Allows production into any size of vessel
  • iBSM can integrate UWP (Universal Weighing Platform) and DWM (Dispensing While Mixing) software compensation
  • Once the vessel enters the dispensing area, corresponding scale is selected depending on vessel capacity and total gross weight
  • The power supply connected to the mixer and DWM is performed according to selected scale accuracy
  • Dosage container sizes: can, pot, drum, vessel, tank


  • Unique Dispensing While Mixing software noise compensation
  • Innovative power connection suitable for CE-Atex classified area
  • Only one operator dedicated to the supervision of the process
  • Automatic self-cleaning mixer
  • Closed vessel handling loop

Mach3 Simultaneous High Speed Tinting at your Stores (Recalibration-free)

Mach3, Success Stories

Case history: American Customer

“ I feel secure of achieving the same color at all of my stores nationwide. Repeatability and speed are key success factors when choosing Optima Mach3. My associates don’t lose time when performing a tint, my clients don’t like waiting in line, business moves faster at all our POS. ”

Case history: European Customer

“ At our 500+ stores we needed a solid and reliable tinting machine that provided color accuracy from sample pots to large pails. Mach3 tints a sample in 3”. And it is very scalable when reproduces our customers’ colors. ”

Mach3 new features are available on Prima, Optima, Compacta and Unica models

  • One touch dispense
  • 50% time reduction for can positioning and detection
  • Multitasking operations
  • Greater electronics processing speed
  • Smarter Diagnostic and graphic feedback
  • Remote machine management, IoT ready
  • Increased connectivity, LAN connection

Dromont launches its digital software enabling machine self-optimization

The technological disruption in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) is the predictive analytics on IoT.

The predictive analytics on IoT accomplish the goal of smart automation for anticipating and minimizing/eliminating downtimes and unforeseen negative events in our processes and technologies. After the analysis process the next step in the process is to implement the result in achieving higher efficiency. The process involves use of proper classification and clustering tool which helps us in managing big dataset generated by the IoT appliances.

Valve Calibration 4.0 New auto - adjust system:

• based on an advanced algortim of detection of decrease in valve performances;
• activated automatically by the new Dromont 4.0 SW suite;
• studied and developed to reach the goal of an «every time» dosing in allowance with no manual intervention. An advanced statistical analysis of the performed steps by every single valve, during the working hours, allows the new Dromont system to have a base for the artificial intelligence that interact automatically with the valve settings to guarantee a stable level of efficency.

Maintenance 4.0

Dromont maintenance 4.0, supply options:

«Proactive maintenance»: activation of «counters» on selected devices for the management of a plan of maintenance interventions. «Advanced proactive maintenance»: activation of statistic checks for the «capture» of values, send by sensors on the line, that can be marked as «out of range». These cases identify an anomalous behaviour of the devices that can cause a decrease in performances or, in the worst case, the break of a device.

Dromont next maintenance 4.0:

Dromont is in progress in order to supply to the customers a service of «predictive maintenance» based on the advance analytics opportunities.

KPI Performance 4.0

IoT & KPI performances: an unique cockpit for the enterprise

OEE = Availability X Performance X Quality

IoT paradigm offers a new powerful system for the monitoring of the OEE of the manufacturing plants, particularly when they are conceived as part of the new industry 4.0 - as Dromont has in its own DNA.

Section 4


Dispensers, stirrers & mixers: one dispenser for each specific need. Simultaneous tinting from DIY to large point of sales.


Manufacturing of large and small batches as well as made-to-order custom colors all with short lead-times and high repeatability.


Project management and process flow engineering: from raw materials, storage, transfer and dispersion, grinding, up to tinting and filling.


THE SPECIALIST in Dispersing, Milling and Filling