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Software & automation - Dromont

Plant Software and Automation

Cutting-edge architecture to manage the entire plant

Dromont in-House Software Department consists of internal programming engineers working on updating our software platform to the latest innovations as well as integrating our machines into the customer’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This department can customize the software interface to the customer’s exact needs, testing the software prior to installation, and programming the software to communicate with the customer’s systems.

By using the very stable base platform of the Dromont software, Dromont’s engineers are able to then create many different options that will allow the customer to manage the entire plant.

Main features

Plant Software & Automation provides the user with a brand-new experience, by merging HMI, SCADA and MES into a single solution. The innovative architecture allows an unbelievable server-centric organization, capable of coordinating and connecting several clients, even on the web and with mobile devices. Moreover, the advanced Java-based technology enables to easily extend the package with any customization, regardless of the Operating System (Windows, Linux, OS X).

MISURA Factory Manufacturing Execution System

  • Web Based
  • Cross Platform
  • Complete Process Data Collection
  • Calculation of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
  • TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Performance)
  • Data Analysis and KPI
  • Access to data on-the-go
  • Unlimited Licenses

MISURA Equipment Software

Thanks to its cutting-edge architecture, any client running the software may work independently from each other still being part of the same ecosystem. Misura Equipment Software leverages the advantage of both centralized systems and distributed ones, by sharing the same underlying plant-related data and keeping HMI features on clients.

Barcode Mobile Pocket PC Operation

  • Refilling from Mobile Pocket PC
  • Manual recirculation from Mobile Pocket PC
  • Manual Additions Dosages from Mobile Pocket PC
  • Manual devices commands and diagnosis from Mobile Pocket PC