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Factory dispensing systems - Dromont

Factory Dispensing Systems

Profitable in-Batch, in-Drum, in-Can and in-Lab Manufacturing

In today’s complex environment, a company needs to profitably manufacture large and small batches as well as made-to-order custom colors all with short lead-times and high repeatability.
Dromont has over 800 factory dispensing systems worldwide as well as learning experience in all the details required to build your dispensing project.

Our range of dispensing machines includes Selecta, Junior, Genius and Micro.

Dispensing machines with multiple head designs each available with up to 100 valves, capable of producing your finished coating into portable containers, IBCs and drums. These machines are designed using multiple scale integration to allow for high volume and high accuracy production all in one machine.

Selecta represents Dromont’s highest level of technology and it has been installed in over 500 large factories world-wide where continuous working cycle, reliability and accuracy are key factors.

Up to 100 valves.

The only professional solution for sophisticated color matching and laboratory color adjustment, Micro has been designed by taking a complete factory machine and scaling it down to laboratory size. Micro represents Dromont’s perfection in miniaturizing its well-known patented 3-way valves as this dispenser includes the exact same valve and software technology as the factory system with the highest accuracy guaranteed in the market of 0.01 grams.

The only professional solution for sophisticated color matching and laboratory color adjustment. It allows dosing in small cups of 100 gr up to 5 lt cans.

Up to 80 valves.

The in-Can and in-Lab Combined Technology is the perfect answer for the preparation of custom colors and for the automation of batch productions. Thanks to the Micro high precision laboratory dispenser, we can prepare and match custom colors very rapidly into containers as small as 100gr and then confidentially send the validated formulations to the production Selecta dispensing unit.

The iBSM system is the ideal fit for batches that are not big enough to be made in larger, traditional dispersion tanks nor small enough to be dispensed with an in-Can Line. This system completes your finished products by dispensing and mixing semi-finished goods with additives and colorants in a completely automatic way, at the exact quantity of the customer order and in a very short time.

The system can integrate a UWP (Universal Weighing Platform) system and a DWM (Dispensing While Mixing) software configuration.

Selecta Powders Dispensing machines to dispense directly into pails or containers from 20l to 1500l. Dosing can be volumetric (powders) or gravimetric (slurries).

This department is capable of customizing the interface software to the customer’s exact needs, testing the software prior to installation, and programming the software to communicate with the customer’s systems. By using the very stable base platform of the Dromont software, Dromont’s engineers are able to then create many different options that will allow the customer to manage the entire plant.

Plant Software & Automation provides the user with a brand-new experience, by merging HMI, SCADA and MES into a single solution. The innovative architecture allows an unbelievable server-centric organization, capable of coordinating and connecting several clients, even on the web and with mobile devices.