Automatic vibrational shaker

High-speed shakers positioned to provide reliable performance  and characterized by a full automatic management of shaking speed and time. Shaking speed, shaking direction and gears as well as shaking time intervals and clamping pressure can be customised for each customer.


Technical data

  • Dimensions: Width 670 x Depth 670 x Height 1220 mm
  • Features: Shaker selects shake speeds, shaking time and clamping pressure automatically
  • Clamping system: Automatic
  • Display: LCD with panel
  • Timer: Automatic time selection
  • Programmable: Yes
  • Mixing speed and mixing times: 3 up to 900 rpm
  • Mixing type: Vibrational – up to 960 rpm
  • Mixing Speed: Automatically selected speeds based on can size
  • Maximum load: 40 kg
  • Power: 0.75 kw
  • Container dimensions height: 5 – 40 cm

Main features

  • High Speed through shaking action
  • Intelligent operation – shaker automatically selects shaking speed and time
  • Shaking Speeds, shaking direction and gears, shaking time intervals, and clamping pressure can be customised for each customer
  • Automatic can clamp. Maximum clamp plate separation – 410 mm
  • Quick stop to allow user to stop the shaker during a cycle
  • Large can access with automatic door locking system for added safety
  • Push-In Emergency Stop Button
  • Fully enclosed Unit, for quiet operation and added safety
  • Unique programmable clamping system for better clamping with less force
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