The new EnviroWash System is an innovative, water-based treatment system that turns paint wash-out into clean water and inert solid waste, allowing for easier and safer disposal.


The first of its kind in the market, the patented EnviroWash System provides an environmentally friendly way of washing out painting tools, such as brushes and rollers, and minimizes the negative impact of traditional paint waste disposal methods.


The EnviroWash System is efficient and fast – separating paint solids from 160 liters of water in only 2 hours. The largest system can handle up to 800 liters of paint washings and the EnviroWash System can process any type of acrylic paint.

The EnviroWash System helps industry adhere to environmental guidelines as well as avoid stormwater pollution issues. Increased community expectations of environmentally responsible clean up processes make the system a must-have for the professional painter


The units are easy to use and come with an easy to follow instructional DVD.

The units are made up of two parts – the sink and a separate filtration tank.

The units work by separating paint washings into clear water and solid paint.

The spray gun is used to wash rollers, brushes, paint trays, pots and anything else that has been used in the painting process.

Once the unit is full, treatment chemicals are used to separate the solid matter and water from the paint washings.

After 1-6 hours*, clear water remains in the top of the tank and paint sludge is left at the bottom.

Clear water can be recycled into other trade related applications.

Remaining paint sludge is filtered, ready for removal and drying.

Once residue is dry, it is ready to be disposed of as non-hazardous solid waste.

*Please note: Treatment times vary depending on the capacity size of the unit and concentration of paint washings.

Typically, 450 liters of paint water discharge produces 5kg of solid paint residue.

1 Wash painting equipment with spray gun

2 Filtration tank is full with paint washings


3 Chemicals are added to separate water and solid matter

4 Clean water is released for reuse

5 Sludge is a pumped out of the tank and filtered

Dromont offers a choice between EnviroWash System units:

ES 160

The ES 160P is a portable unit with a capacity of 160 liters and a process time of 2 hours. Suitable for 1-2 man operations, it has an inner skin for extra strength and rigidity, plus a purpose-built sink insert providing a convenient wash up area. It can be easily transported.

ES 160 – 160 lt capacity – 105x77x66 cm – 29Kg

ES 600

The ES 800 is the largest EnviroWash System and suits 5+ painter team. The 800 liter system was designed for commercial construction sites and can cope with processing the higher quantities of paint washing associated with large building projects. A large ergonomic wash area provides excellent space for washing and storing paint equipment. A built in pallet makes it easy for forklift movement and the unit is built to last. Wash hoses are supplied.

Treatment time is 6 hours.

ES 800- 800 lt capacity – 120x130x130 cm – 72 Kg