You need solutions that meet the real demands of the industry: efficiency, savings, and most of all, safety. That’s why you need Dromont LB “patented” ergonomic shelf.

This Prima sets the standard for ergonomics within the coatings industry. The new patented feature allows the operator to control the movement of the pail from pallet level (5 inches above floor) to the tint area, and then flows to the conveyor for mixing.

All of this is achieved by a simple press of the button on the main panel of the machine. This machine allows the operator to avoid lifting and staining to pick up heavy pails and sets a new standard for automated tinting.

Not only does the Prima LB feature the ergonomic central lift, but it also has many safety features for the operator. Combine the best ergonomics, safety and lowest cost of ownership in the market, and you have the new Prima LB!



16 canisters in only weight: 300 kg.
Fully Automatic Dispenser designed for medium stores and do-it-yourself stores.
Simultaneous dispensing.
16 canisters available in 16 canisters available in 38 ¾ inches x 48 ¼ inches x 47 ½ inches made of POM polymer material.
Automatic closure of the nozzle head with humidifying sponge to avoid drying out.
Each canister has an independent motorized agitator.
Minicomputer with front panel.
Flow rate (per circuit): 0.5 lt./min.
Dispensing accuracy 1/784 fl.oz.
Two-way recirculation of the colorants from canister to pump, to valve and back.
Stirring and re-circulation programmable cycles.
ABS Charcoal grey color external panels (special colors are optional).
Complete with custom motorized lifting tray for ergonomic ease of pail movement from pallet level to tinting area.


Stainless steel piston pump easy to replace in 77” only.
No need for re-calibrations after replacement.
High effective stirrers.
Excellent ergonomics.
Easy to refill and to check.
Easy maintenance: all the side panels can be quickly removed.
Software interface available for all Spectrophotometers.


D-POS (software for formula management).
Software for dispensing by weight.
Electronic Scale.
PC and Label Printer.
Standard color: dark gray (other colors on request).