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DromontGroup gets Ecovadis Gold: certified high environmental, social and ethical performance - Dromont

DromontGroup gets Ecovadis Gold: certified high environmental, social and ethical performance

DromontGroup is among 5% of companies with Ecovadis Gold certification

What impact do energy costs have today?
How important is it to have reliable suppliers from a sustainability point of view?

These are fundamental questions in a period of history like this.

This is nothing new: sustainability plays an increasingly decisive role in the life of businesses.

According to the Sustainability & Communication Observatory conducted by Format Research, the unprecedented surge in energy costs scares 7 out of 10 companies, threatening to slow growth and stop investment and hiring.

Not surprisingly, already in 2022 Confindustria estimated that the impact of energy costs would reach 8% of production costs.

Important numbers that require companies to study new strategies between sustainability and energy saving to maintain competitiveness and economic performance.

In this scenario, especially manufacturing companies need to choose suppliers that can guarantee high performance in terms of energy efficiency, attention to the environment and sustainability as a competitive advantage.

Ecovadis Gold, the world’s most reliable sustainability certification
DromontGroup has always been particularly sensitive to issues of energy saving, resource optimization, waste reduction and environmental sustainability.
For this reason, especially in recent years, he has worked on new projects to optimize existing technologies and to search for new solutions with low environmental impact.

A commitment recognized internationally with the award, for the second consecutive year, the Ecovadis Gold certification.

This award, awarded to only 5% of companies, is considered the most reliable corporate sustainability assessment in the world.

Ecovadis Gold certifies to DromontGroup high environmental, social and ethical performance, today considered essential factors for the business of companies looking for reliable and transparent business partners.

With DromontGroup -60% of energy costs
More and more companies are under pressure to improve their sustainability policies, reduce energy and production costs, ensure transparency.

The Ecovadis Gold evaluation has been recognized by DromontGroup, confirming a series of concrete advantages for customers and partners:

  • Energy savings from 40% to 60%
  • Reduction of production time from 40% to 70%
  • Minimum waste of cleaning products
  • Less water used during the production process
  • Possibility of using non-volatile organic compounds (VOC-free) products

Kynesis, an example of high efficiency
A DromontGroup solution able to guarantee all this is Kynesis, an environmentally friendly and highly efficient inline dissolver.

Kynesis is able to guarantee a reduction of:

  • Energy costs (-60%)
  • Production time (-60%)
  • Consumption of cleaning products (25-50 litres per cycle)
  • Maintenance costs and time (replacement of the stator rotor in just 20 minutes)

Kynesis also ensures greater product homogeneity, flexibility of use and greater health and safety for operators (no dust, contact with machinery and easy maintenance).

Learn more about Kynesis and its ecological benefits:

DromontGroup, your certified ecological partner
It’s clear that in a time like this, having reliable suppliers and engaging the entire supply chain to create awareness of sustainability issues is critical for businesses.
By choosing DromontGroup, you can be sure of collaborating with a trusted, environmentally conscious partner who is always looking for new solutions to reduce its ecological footprint.

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