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Open House 2021 - Dromont

Open House 2021

We are pleased to invite you to the Open House held in Dromont from 25 October till 20 November to present a JUST IN TIME plasters production

Open House 2021

Examples of In-can All-in-one stirring station

We are pleased to invite you to the Open House held in Dromont from 25 October till 20 November to present a JUST IN TIME plasters production (Automatic Sands & Liquid Dispensing Plant for Texture Coatings).

This line features the just in time dosing of bases, colorants and dry components such as quartz and sands directly into the final pail. Sands and quartz are sourced from big-bags and silos. In line special stirrers (equipped with aspiration system), mix the final product, in a close environment, while dosing in order to ensure perfect mixing and no dust. Our customers make highly customized products in small batches by using different types of bases, sands and quartz. Thanks to this line they were able to cut the number of dissolvers, reduce their power consumption (sands and quartz are not more dispensed into dissolvers, so bases are lighter and more liquid) and now they are able to make all kinds of product at any time by small batches without increasing processing costs and also storage of finished product. Today they can produce on-demand.

This technology combines the proven Dromont In-Can Dispensing of Liquids with the addition of dry aggregates.

PRODUCTS: Paints and plasters (ACRYL/SILICON/SILICAT) Output rate: 25 tons/day white, 15 tons/shift coloured
BASES DISPENSED GRAVIMETRICALLY WITH SELECTA: Water based premixes and TiO2 paste, additives from the additives dosing station, water direct arrival, Resin
COLORANTS DISPENSED BY VOLUME BY VOLUME WITH MISURA MAXIMA: 16 to 32 canisters (colorants+ additive)
PAILS: standard 15l to 20l: round or oval shape
BUFFER TANKS for BASES: Any needed capacity
DRY COMPONENTS: up to 8 aggregates, sands (light and heavy stones) from big bags and/or silos


  • Our Automatic Solid & Liquid Dispensing Plant for Texture Coatings provide the flexibility to prepare the final packaging cans on the motorized conveyor using n.6 different sands.
  • Provide measurable reduction in finished goods inventory, lower cost of direct and indirect labor while maintaining speed.
  • Free dust, create a safe and health work environment
  • Thanks to the remarkably design, the sand dispensing stations can easily be integrated within and existing in-can line.

We will be thrilled if you can participate to this Event. Please let us know the dates and our Experts will be available to show the Line.
If you cannot reach us, we can set up a conference call by Microsoft Teams.