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Safe Investments for your new Production Plant - Dromont

Safe Investments for your new Production Plant

Smart solutions, feasibility studies and flow analysis combined with innovative production technologies to improve working conditions, create new business models, increase productivity and quality in plant production.

Our engineers have developed a unique level of expertise with an integrated platform of solutions and building programs for the industry.
It all started with basic feasibility studies and soon developed into groundbreaking end-to-end efficiency and plant optimization tools knows as Concept Engineering program.
More recently the Business Analytics unit developed bespoke tools to integrate broader business metrics into engineering investment and optimization, and the latest development has been the introduction of Artificial Intelligence benefits into the process providing unique insights and self-learning capabilities into the business and engineering mix.

Registered in 2015, Qoncept provides manufacturing strategy consulting, based upon business analytics and modelling solutions developed to lower production costs and increase efficiency and productivity.

Making conscious choices and safe investments
Qoncept is designed specifically to support our partners capital investment programs, from small operations to full-scale Turnkey Projects.
Lean Manufacturing concepts drive this new approach to the engineering of production facilities aimed to improve main KPIs, delivering reductions in energy power, cost of inventories, wield losses, waste and, in general, investment costs. With the collection of project base data combined with process modelling, we provide solid elements to support the process change, a true added value for our Partners.

How does it work?
It starts with the data analysis of your current activities and processes, including:

  • Stock rotations
  • Cost analysis / product competitiveness
  • Analysis of raw material stocks
  • Detailed week by week and product by product sales trends
  • Analysis of lost sales
  • Current analysis of weaknesses
  • Employment rates of each part of the existing establishment

The target of an engineering study is therefore to define in details equipment, layout, process data and budget in order to enable our partners to make informed investment decisions.

Engineering for your Profitability

There are many reasons why you should choose this program for your future investments. Here are four:

  • Technological innovations to drive processes improvement.
  • The highest quality standards to guarantee reliability.
  • Strong focus on R&D to drive our Avantgarde Technologies
  • More than 30 international patents to cover the key aspects of our engineering and technology.

From Virtual to Real Factory
After the engineering studies, if the customer decides to proceed with the investment, we move to the construction of the plant.
We take care of all the phases of the project including:

  • Equipment construction and erection
  • Tests and pre-commissioning
  • Commissioning, training and start-up

Designed for you, developed for your business.
The solutions we can provide cover all stages of production, from raw material management to the packaging of the finished product.
The most common applications are dedicated to the storage, transport, weighing and batch dispersions of individual wet and dry raw materials, obtaining the finished product which, in many cases, must also be ground, filtered, packaged and colored.

Client Stories

Product: Solvent-based paint
Production volume required: 4 T/h for each unit
Objective: double the plant capacity and improve the ATEX and VOC emission conformity

The customer initially opted for a Qoncept Engineering study that would allow him to precisely define the needs of his new factory and the needed budget.

Given the large benefits, he subsequently decided to continue with the investment.

The complete project consisted of 2 Kynesis in-line dispersing units, each connected with 2 Process Tanks and 2 Powder Weighing Hoppers.

The powder feeding is performed with 2 Powder Big bag unloading stations and 2 Small Bag Unloading Stations and the liquid addition through additive rack. The base is then transferred to Let Down Tanks for finishing operations.

Solvents and high consumption liquid raw materials are stocked into Bulk tanks and connected with Kynesis Process tanks and Let Down tanks.

DromontGroup, the partner for your future projects
By choosing DromontGroup, you can implement factories with the lowest production cost and the highest quality.

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