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Prima is an automatic dispenser designed for medium-large stores and service centers that guarantees simultaneous dispensing and always homogenized colorants.

PRIMA 12 12 1000 790 1200 9x6 lt and 3x10
PRIMA 16 16 1210 790 1220 12x6 lt and 4x10
PRIMA 24 24 1660 790 1220 18x6 lt and 6x10
PRIMA 32 32 1990 790 1220 24x6 lt and 8x10

Main Advantages

  • Easy handling of large pails and flexible canister configurations
  • Quick and large productivity: tinting a 20 lt/5 gal pail only takes a few seconds
  • Highest market standards in repeatibility and accuracy
  • Long-life and extreme easiness of use
  • Refilling the canisters at 1100mm height
  • No need for re-calibrations after replacemens
  • Stainless steel piston pumps: pump can be easily replaced by customer in 77” only does not need re-calibrations after replacement: plug and go has much lower wear than gear pump up to 8 colorants dispensed at same time.
  • Protected, clean and safe area for electronics, all-in-one rack. Rear door panel includes all electronics components in one board, no other components outside.
  • Easy maintenance: all side panels can be quickly removed for a smooth access to every part of the machine
  • Built-in monitor holder: the equipment has a space on the top to host PC and monitor. No need of side table to support the PC
  • Easy-to-reach dispensing head: protruding nozzle head for easy check and cleaning with automatic closing system auto-cap and humidifier. Comfortable checking of any drying particles
  • Electric shelf: automatic lifting shelf with servo motor, managed by front control panel up-down arrows. Two side movable shelves for extra cans holding with multiple adjustable positions

Technical Features

  • Automatic Dispenser designed for medium-large stores and service centers
  • Simultaneous dispensing: all the colorants dispensed at the same time
  • Stainless steel piston pump (120ml/stroke) easy to be replaced by non-expert operator)
  • Canisters made of POM polymer material (*) Stainless steel optional
  • Automatic closure of the nozzle head with humidifying sponge to avoid drying-out
  • Minicomputer with front panel: it allows the use of the equipment also when the PC is not working
  • Flow rate (per circuit): 0.5 Lt./min. (**)
  • Accuracy: +/- 1% – min. 1/768 fl. oz. (**)
  • Each circuit is fully recirculated through the valve back to the canister to avoid sedimentation
  • PRIMA canisters available in 6 l, 10 l, 15 l and 25 l
  • Each canister has an independent motorized agitator
  • Stirring and re-circulation programmable cycles
  • Ergonomic: frontal protruding dispensing point and low refilling height
  • Side trays/roller conveyors for comfortable loading and unloading of the pails
  • ABS Charcoal grey color external panels (special colors as optional)
  • Dispensing head max diameter: 40 mm
  • Electric central shelf, with safety photocell for automatic detection of the can
  • Central shelf: available space for positioning cans/pails 450 mm – in case of use of either bigger containers or a scale, kindly inform Dromont about dimensions. In this case, the available container space decreases to 340 mm
  • Sequential dispensing by weight (or a combination of sequential by weight

(*) please verify compatibility with POM (IUPITAL F25-03) material and your colorants
(**) depending on colorant rheology

Dromont In-House Software Department consists of internal programming engineers working on updating our software platform to the latest innovations as well as integrating our machines into the customer’s Enterprise Resource Planning. This department is capable of customizing the software interface to the customer’s exact needs, testing the software prior to installation, and programming the software to communicate with the customer’s systems.

Thanks to the new DromontApp it is also possible to remotely monitor in real time machine status and performances. It allows operators, service technicians and service companies to collect data and show messages for a predictive maintenance support. Guiding customers to quickly identify the origin of a downtime and immediately return in operation.

Data collected are mainly calibration data, counters, canisters colorants level, alarms and safetes history, configuration settings, dispensing and purges.

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