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Your custom colors with our in-store tinting systems - Dromont

Your custom colors with our in-store tinting systems

Repeatability and accuracy for the highest color fidelity and reproducibility

Dromont has been producing Retail Tinting Machines for over 35 years, applying its factory dispensing know-how to the retail segment.

Our solutions are built around specific and unique pump technology: this results into virtually maintenance-free and safe from mistints machines.

Our philosophy is that innovation and quality are the key ingredients to help our customers to be more profitable and sustainable. This is why we invest in R&D activities to constantly improve our machines, avoid errors, reduce ownership costs and improve customer satisfaction.

The Dromont choice

Six reasons to choose Dromont as your partner in in-store tinting:

  1. Trusted partner, a choice of confidence: financially solid and sound company constantly increasing its presence in the international market
  2. Any store, same color: great performances from high precision and repeatability to robustness and ergonomics
  3. Unbeatable cost of ownership and housekeeping: proven reduced maintenance costs due to no-recalibration technology, high-resistance, and high-quality materials
  4. From roll-out to programmed preventive maintenance: capability to organize all-in-one package guaranteeing backup machines availability, single calibration on spread-around machines and reduced colorants logistics
  5. Capability to connect all machines in a network: on-line reporting platform accessible from all smart devices on a 24/7 basis and real-time awareness of store operation
  6. Continuous research and innovation: four international patents protect our know-how

The ultimate maintenance-free tinting machine for professional paint stores

Perfecta has been designed to meet our customers’ needs to avoid mistints due to wrong canister level and color contamination, facilitate cleaning operations and reduce issues for VOC-free colorants thanks to air-tight autocap and auto-humidification system. With Perfecta we guarantee the lowest OpEx, greater ease of use and environmental sustainability.

There are many reasons why you should choose Perfecta for your future installations:

  • Connected anytime, everywhere, 4.0
  • App and touch-panel with intuitive HMI
  • Patented real-time canister digital level sensor
  • Patented selective stirring for each canister
  • Patented self-humidifying autocap

Intelligent 4.0 tinting assistant

With the DromontApp it is possible to remotely monitor machine status and performances. This allows operators, service technicians and service companies to collect data and show messages for a predictive maintenance support; guiding customers to quickly identify the origin of a downtime and immediately return into operation.

Data collected are mainly calibration data, counters, canisters colorants level, alarms history, configuration settings, dispensing and purges.

Tinting equipment for distribution centers

If you are not looking for tinting equipment for retail stores, but for centralized distribution centers or localized high-volume production, we also have the solution to satisfy this need.

Our Prima ET with external tanks is an innovative solution for bases and colorants dispensing into empty cans. This incorporates a complete handling process that includes an automatic conveyor line, dispensing and – on request – a lidding, robotic mixing and palletizing of the finished products.

Simultaneous dispensing of colorants and sequential weight dispensing of the externally stored base components allow industrial scale productivity into empty pails.

Differently from other tinting machines, base paints are stored in external tanks. They are therefore externally pumped into an empty can and metered by an electronic scale. High productivity, flexibility and accuracy can be achieved by combining dispensing by weight from the external tanks for bases and dispensing by volume from the internal circuits for colorants.

Your satisfaction is our best reward

Our after-sales experience guarantees resolution of any problem in extremely short times and very low failure coefficient thanks to high-quality standards.

We can provide:

  • Instant remote support with any type of software, mechanical or training problem with 99% rate of problem solving
  • Selected Dromont service companies at your disposal
  • Technical experts on site in 24/48h
  • Quick delivery of spare parts

Dromont, the partner for your in-store tinting success

By choosing Dromont, you can provide customized color products through the use of high-tech tinting equipment that can meet every type of market and business needs.